Led Starlit Backdrop

Our Led Twinkle Backdrops are very popular for behind the Top Table or even behind the DJ for the Evening Reception, You can choose either Black or White. Draping allows us to create a completely new canvass for a stage or room. When fabric and a team of skilled drapers are introduced to an event, it opens up a whole variety of possibilities. Draping may be used to section off part of a room, to create a temporary screen to conceal a stage rig, to create a customized pleated backdrop on a stage, as part of a set or to transform an entire room. As the work is done with new fabric and materials on site there is no end to the possibilities. We offer discounted rates when booked as a package with our Led Twinkle Dance Floor. Sizes available 6 x 3 Metres 12 x 3 Metres

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